We create and amplify your branded social media content on a large scale reaching millions of potential customers across various social networks.

We have an online community of celebrities, influencers, tastemakers and digital superstars that curate and promote their favorite products.


We mobilize armies of celebrities, influencers, tastemakers and local social media leaders in the Philippines to promote your brands and products.

Adinfluent has already changed the way celebrities endorse products online and has become the largest and most powerful online and in stream network of celebrities in the Philippines.


We match your brand with a network of influential publishers ["celebrities"] in the social media space; our micro-endorsement platform connects advertisers with celebrities through their online properties. The celebrities are at the forefront of all trends; they create them, build them and often the go to source for what’s hot or not. Get Started


Monetize your digital presence by endorsing the brands you love online. You get paid by having your status updates [Facebook] or tweets [Twitter] endorsed by advertisers that you approve. We serve as your online social media agency and connect you with brands that will endorse your online social media. Sign Up


Adinfluent mobilizes armies of influencers, bloggers and trendsetters in the Philippines. By educating our influencers, bloggers and trendsetters and giving them interesting branded content to share, we shape the conversation, never force it. The resulting posts, content and chatter is natural, organic and persuasive - and the reach of influencers means the impact is huge.

The Adinfluent was developed by a group of visionaries in conjunction with EFG::Entertainment Fusion Group, an industry leader and pioneer in the celebrity micro-procurement space, headquartered in Los Angeles, and with offices in New York, Hong Kong and Manila.

EFG has connected celebrities with brands for micro procurement campaigns since 2001 and has built a reputation for its vast connections both in the United States and internationally with today's largest and best known celebrities, companies and brands. Adinfuent was created to help these brands reach their audience in the ever growing online and social media space through celebrity influencers, bloggers and trendsetters in the Phillipines and throughout Southeast Asia.


Social Media has made the power of celebrity influencers greater than ever...

We help promote and start conversations with your target audience in the social media space via our celebrity influencers, bloggers and trendsetters; we create authentic, compelling copy that publishers deliver to their fans, and report back to you on the engagement it inspired.

Today, celebrities and their fans engage intimately and directly, leading to stronger identification than ever before.

Our publishers share information about your company, products, website and events within their social media streams. The advertisers benefit from buzz, traffic and awareness while the publishers benefit from the engagement the conversation sparks.

Unlike traditional pr and marketing outreach, everything we do is 100% measurable, track able, and the results are available in real-time. We provide the tools to create demonstrable ROI for your social media marketing spend.